Community and Solidarity

By building networks of solidarity, we help to create communities and strengthen civil society in order to co-create a more compassionate world.

At Danes je nov dan, we know that the power of the community exceeds the sum of individual strengths. That is why we enter into alliances with various organisations, collectives, networks, initiatives and individuals and support their campaigns. In numerous national and international collaborations, we bring in-depth knowledge of the issues we deal with, specific skills in socially responsible development and programming, digital promotion and internet trend analysis, as well as a dash of playfulness and humour.

We practise and publicly promote an inclusive and solidarity-based approach to work and life that aims to overcome inequalities based on personal or social circumstances such as class, ethnicity, religion, socio-economic status, skin colour, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical disability, appearance, age and more. Above all, we want to break the chains of exploitation that result from the confluence of these inequalities.

Skupnost in solidarnost - steber delovanja. Ilustracija rib v morju, ki delujejo kot ena riba. Okoliso barčica, rak, alge.

In Slovenia, the lack of regulation for short-term rentals has led to a housing catastrophe. In Ljubljana, for example, there are almost three times as many apartments for short-term rentals as for long-term rentals. Airbnb and similar online platforms are driving locals out of the city as owners seek to maximise their profits and prefer not to rent to those who need a place to call home. With the "Airbnb, go home!" campaign, we are calling for strict regulation in this area from political decision-makers.

27. May 2024


After a year of operation, we have revamped the New Day (Nov dan) platform and transformed it into a news aggregator that allows you to read all new posts from participating independent content creators in one place. The project involves Oštro, Boris Vezjak, Domen Savič and the Mešanec portal, and we plan to invite more authors. Bookmark Nov dan and expand your media consumption, and support the creators through our donation system.

7. February 2024


This interactive online story, which is aimed at young people, was developed in collaboration with the Peace Institute as part of the Carmia project. Users are confronted with various life situations in a playful way and can collect points for successfully overcoming them. The Peace Institute provided the content for the game, while we developed and visualised it. See for yourself how well you can solve everyday dilemmas by checking out the link.

13. December 2023


This is a mini-game developed in collaboration with Oštro as part of their research project Lov na stanovanja (Apartment Hunting). The game provides users with important insights into the housing market situation in an accessible and fun way. We developed the game specifically for use on smartphones, while Oštro was responsible for the content and design. Visit the link and roll the dice yourself.

11. December 2023


The mobile application is an educational and entertaining tool for formal and informal education that aims to promote the development of critical thinking and media literacy among young people. Its interactive thematic modules, consisting of videos, textual explanations, images and questions for users, are designed to cover different areas of critical thinking and media literacy. Our partners at Zašto ne provided the concept and the content for the app and we developed it at Danes je nov dan.

22. September 2023


Open books is an open-source application designed for NGOs who strive for greater financial transparency. Using an intuitive and user-friendly interface, NGOs can enter their data and upload files, which the tool then organises and presents in a clear and concise manner. The application generates graphs and tables, calculates ratios (such as highest vs. lowest salary, or the amount of state funds received versus the amount paid in taxes), and lists details about current projects. Public trust is a crucial currency for NGOs, so it is worth making an effort to ensure it. We’ve done the effort as we developed this free tool, and now it is up to the NGOs to make use of it.

4. May 2023


As part of the European "Our Food Our Future" campaign," we have developed an interactive online game for Focus. In the game, the user has to put together a sustainable meal in a short space of time by choosing environmentally friendly ingredients and avoiding bad ones. We designed the concept and game mechanics in collaboration with the client, our regular external collaborator Stokto contributed illustrations, and we also programmed the game.

12. April 2023


As friends of the referendum campaign FOR a professional and independent public television we created a website where we gathered relevant information, answered frequently asked questions, and encouraged people to vote. The campaign, which was organized by the organizations Association of Journalists of Slovenia (DNS), Peace Institute (Mirovni inštitut), Legal Information Center for Human Rights and Environment (PIC), and Institute for Cultural Diversity Open, was successful – over 41% of eligible voters participated in the referendum, and more than 62% of them voted in favor the law amendment.

10. November 2022


We developed the interactive online game Stop Your Government with partners Inicijativa mladih za ljudska prava - Hrvatska, Crna kuća and Gong. The game aims to inspire young people to stand for what they believe is right and become active in civil society and non-governmental organizations. In the game, the player can choose one of three different scenarios (worker’s rights, reproductive rights, the environment) and try their hand at organizing protests, media campaigns and referendums. During the game, they are forced to make decisions, which in turn make the campaign succeed or fail, and are helped by random encounters and events along the way. Stop Your Government provides authentic insight into activist reality, victories and defeats included, and we hope that it encourages many young people to become active members of civil society.

8. November 2022


We wanted to fight the pre-electoral ideological cancer that is: "They are all the same anyway." Instead of focusing on empty political soundbites we wanted to focus the conversation during the election campaign on content. To achieve these goals we created Vote-o-matic (Volitvomat) as part of the initiative Vox populi (Glas ljudstva). You can use it to check how well your political views align with the views of the parties running for (re)election. Answer some questions and Vote-o-matic will show you which parties you align with, which you disagree with and what the details of those disagreements are.

17. March 2022


One possible solution to the current housing crisis comes in the form of housing cooperatives. They encourage democratic decision-making and are community-oriented. In Slovenia, there are several initiatives attempting to establish housing cooperatives, however, they are facing administrative and legal obstacles. The Institute for Studies of Housing and Space drafted a proposal of legislative changes, which would help establish a successful practice of housing cooperatives in Slovenia – as many other countries have already done. We are gathering support through an interactive petition, where each signature submitted represents a new brick in the construction of a symbolic virtual community.

24. February 2022


New Day is an experimental platform for the collection and equitable distribution of micro-donations among (currently) five independent media projects: Oštro, Boris Vezjak - In media res, Mešanec, Domen Savič - Državljan D and Agrument. The platform is based on a new open standard for online monetisation, which represents a possible alternative to the current business models of advertising and data sales. New Day is supported by the Grant for the Web Foundation and is currently in a pilot phase. There are plans for other media projects to participate in the platform in the future, but ultimately the new web standard should also work without them.

7. February 2022