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Parlameter is a web tool that provides users with factual justifications for bitching about and/or glorifying the dedication of our MPs. It converts the (now scattered) publicly accessible data into organized information, which is presented in figures and graphs. Parlameter functions as an infrastructure for surpassing the empty, yet popular judgment, that in the Parliament "everybody is the same", replacing it with clearly identifiable similarities and differences between MPs, and equipping users with empirical indicators on which to build interpretations.

Parlameter is run by more than

270 000

lines of code


Daily responses, comments and concerns in approx. 1000 characters. Reading the small print with a magnifiying glass, highlighting footnotes with markers, decrypting brackets, functions and other socio-mathematics. A collaborative project of 15+ people.

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A campaign against the normalization of hate in the form of corporate advertising in the media that inflame intolerance. We redesigned certain ads by those who ignore their public responsibility, violate ethical standards, and good taste, so that they directly communicate what they had implicitly supported thus far. And, looky look, suddenly they all give a damn.


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by the Prime Minister

Razor wire

A web-based game on the occasion of the 3rd anniversary of our border with Croatia being "protected" by razor wire. The game puts you in the role of a refugee and confronts you with a series of obstacles, dangers and frustrations. No matter how well you do - avoiding bombs, authorities, and sharks - on the Schengen border with fortress Europe a razor wire is waiting for you.

In two weeks

more than 2000

virtual refugees attempted to cross Kolpa


We created an interactive website where we visualised and contextualized data from a research project prepared by the Institute for Housing and Spatial Studies in cooperation with the Faculty of Social Studies and the Institute for Spatial Policies.

Website was visited by

45 000



Just before the local elections, we launched a campaign to obtain commitments on the implementation of participatory budgeting from the mayoral candidates in the event of their election.

In the first round of local elections we received




Our programmers carried out a workshop on digital encryption for high school and university students. The event was organized in the DJND premises as part of Meet & Code programme. The emphasis was on independent work and understanding of all the steps and aspects of the project; from hardware to software.

We installed




Our programmers carried out a workshop on digital encryption for primary school students. The event was organized in the DJND premises as part of Meet & Code programme. The emphasis was on the understanding of encryption on the internet, which was explained on everyday examples.

Attendees were

50 %



Parlameter, an open source tool for monitoring parliamentary work, successfully migrated across the southern border. We present Parlametar, which oversees and analyses the work of Croatian MPs!



installation of Parlameter


This is a petition requesting the dismissal of Damir Črnčec from the position of State Secretary. Because hate speech and intolerance towards cultural diversity have no place in the state apparatus; even if they are silenced, censored, controlled ... or camouflaged as professionalism.

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Media scanner

When applying the SCAN method to speeches from Slovenian national TV’s “Odmevi” we were responsible for the technological parts of the job: we developed a learned digital semantic tool and set up a web platform for the analyses while EBSI researchers took care of interpreting the results.

The tool was trained for



Form the government

In an ideal Slovenia, the ministers would get their jobs by responding to the ads on this site. The ads were written by a broad civil society and non-governmental coalition. Enough looking for ministries for greedy politician, instead, let's search for professional, content-oriented and ethical candidates for the ministries instead!

In the civil society coalition there are


member organizations

Let's save the internet

A web campaign, designed to protect internet freedom and autonomy. European Parliament aims to reform copyright legislation, and whereas the reform itself is necessary, in parts, it is also very problematic, catering to interests of publishers and endangering the public right to fair use, quoting, education and research, even linking and memes. We felt it was necessary to inform Slovenian EU MPs about all this!

Petition signed by

almost 3000


Political portrait

This is a translation and an upgrade of the open source project politiscales. The test offers 117 questions that place an individual along 8 value axes. Most of the political parties that run for the 2018 parliamentary elections also sent us their responses, so the user can compare their views with the parties' answers.

The site has been visited

more than 30 000


Pre-election video by ESZDÉESZ

This is a parodic rework of one of the official SDS pre-election videos. In response to media disclosures about illegal financing of the SDS campaign by Orbán-related companies, we decided to draw attention to the ill-suited circumvention of our electoral legislation. We did that by translating the party's message into the Hungarian language.

Censorship attempts


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We translated the open source website Sign up for Facebook and published its contents on our own domain. The site informs users about how Facebook violates their right to privacy. It focuses on reviewing and explaining which of our data ti accesses, stores, and how that helps advertisers.

From idea to realisation

5 hours


We responded to the invitation of the Ljubljana Society for the protection of animals to join the campaign against raising laying hens in battery cages. We created an online game kura.si and set up a petition, signed by thousands of people demanding the providers to stop selling eggs obtained in this manner.

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We participated in blockchain hackaton Future Hack with the project humans.vote. In a 48-hour programming marathon we developed a very sophisticated blockchain solution for digital elections and any other voting-based decision making.



lines of code in 2 days

Ahmad must stay

We published Ambasada Rog's petition to the Ministry of the Interior, requesting to stop the deportation of Syrian refugee Ahmad Shamieh. Public pressure was enough for a two-day interruption of the proceedings, but on November 16 the government decided that Shamieh should nevertheless leave.

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Postcard from Vis

Test use of the SCAN method, digitized and refocused, together with EBSI, for the needs of the forthcoming Media scanner project. Intervention in the yellow media landscape and proof that there are still differences between statements of the hearsay type.

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In July 2017, on the Congress Square in Ljubljana, a monument to the victims of all wars was erected in an inappropriate and inadmissible intertwine of church and state ceremonies. On two concrete blocks, equal in volume and different in appearance, there is neither clear message nor climbing holds. Graffiti was to be expected ...

We waited for graffiti for



Break Free

A petition to the Slovenian Government in which, together with a broad coalition of non-governmental partners, we urge those in power to promote and adopt sustainable and green energetic policies. Public money should not be spent on energy dinosaurs but rather for responsible transition from fossil fuels to sustainable sources, for the employees in this sector as well as for encouraging energetic self-sufficiency and establishing infranstructure for the electrification of transport from renewable sources.

More than



Not giving up

Petition for the Ombudsman, in which we invite her to file the Aliens Act in the constitutional review. We believe that the office of the ombudsman should be committed to respecting human rights and that they should do so past pragmatic, economic or ideological interests. It is not permissible that the Aliens Act, whose unconstitutionality and non-compliance with international legal frameworks have been voiced by a number of domestic non-governmental organizations as well as foreign institutions, has been waiting for the Ombudsman's review so long after its adoption by the National Assembly.

More than



Let's hold our horses!

A digital appeal to the Slovenian President Borut Pahor, asking him not to behave as a bureaucrat, but, rather, as a president, who is not afraid of experimenting with his function in order to defend basic human rights. We do not need the president to show us how to do our daily jobs, how to wave the national flag at sporting events or beg for likes on social media. Instead, he should demonstrate to the public how to act ethically despite the apparent obstacles imposed on him by the seemingly unchangeable system.




Think different heroes

November 8 2016 wasn't a dark day just because Americans decided to trump the idea of democracy by electing Trump, but also because that would be the day when Aaron Swartz, if still alive, would turn 30. We took the opportunity of moving to a new office to honour his memory and promote his open data cause.

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Greatest (s)hits of student organising

An overview of the finest malversations, transgressions and other "successes" of Slovenian student organising in the last 20 years. On the one hand, they are signing curious contracts, paying huge retainers and engaging dubious investments, while on the other hand, they avoid public control and state revision. ŠOU is over.

no. of emails sent

over 3000

Visions of public space

Critical visual comments to the state of public spaces, made by students and presented in the form of conflicting visions of the future, available to view online. The message is clear: we are all responsible for the future of our public spaces!

number of spaces presented



We took tweets from political parties and individual politicians and replaced words denoting refugees, migrants etc., with the word Jew. With the visual design of the campaign we hinted at some widely recognisable, yet very problematic symbols, to make absolutely clear that some are indeed only one word away from full-on fascist propaganda.

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Kosher roast

Yet another manifestation of the emperor's lack of clothing, or, Why Pahor is a lousy president. Rather than "enjoying" the pacifying TV roast, we lit the fire by engaging in substantial critique of his work. The internet then did the rest. Roast status: finished!

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Vote PRO: Janez Janša

The last mockery before the end of the gay marriage referendum campaign or fake news from Noriško kraljestvo: the prince wants you to vote PRO! A provocative political satire or an insight in a parallel reality, where Gargamel had a close encounter with unicorn vomit.




Inequality for beginners aka why the problem of "developed" societies is not shortage, but huge differences amongst people. The project is an interactive experience that will make you knowledgeable, but also a bit sick to your stomach.


2162 in 48h


An interactive map of "Omnia" polling stations for those, who were away from home on the day of the gay marriage equality referendum, showing them where to vote.

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Best of: TV debate on gay marriage referendum

With stars like this, everybody can be a great director: cut/paste trolling helped us endure the sleepless night, which inevitably followed the evening debate on national TV, where the opponents of gay marriage equality made Jerry Springer jealous.



I want to vote PRO, but ...

Although we've had it with idiotic arguments from the opponents of (gay) marriage equality, we still refuse to give up: one should absolutely vote pro! Here's a guide through alternative options of voting.

procedures explained


Is it vandalism?

Which is vandalism: crossing the old town by bike or damaged/missing cycling paths? Let us ask the people!

definitions of vandalism


Blind net

A campaign for better accessibility of websites for the blind. There are simply no excuses for sloppy code, intrusive ads and ignorance. The project was carried out by students of University of Ljubljana, mentored by DJND staff.

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Video, conceived and filmed for Radical Democracy Video Challenge, in which victims of violent discourses speak words of their oppressors. Tragicomic viral hit.

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A call to immediately address a global threat to the internet. Holding the ones responsible to account and measuring response time.

from idea to realisation

11 h

Et tu, B(o)rute?

A tool to clog the holes in political memory. A web-based reminder for a variety of engaged uses, written on the day of inauguration of the new Anti Corruption Commision and its president. Golden Diggit laureate 2014.

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A web-vased campaign for statutory changes of the Student's Organisation of University of Ljubljana in the direction of its definition as an institution under public law and greater transparency of its operations.

turnout increased by

1200 %


A video intervention facing the counterproductive patronising attitude towards the LGBT community. Rough street self-declarations of recognisable people. Breaking the wall between "us" and "them".

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a day for student organising

A workshop on traps and opportunities of student organising, rethinking the legal status of ŠOS and ŠOU, financing, politicising and the gap between common and particular interests.

president of ŠOU stayed for

133 min


Petition to save the club K4 as a space for progressive and independent cultural and musical production.

no. of signatures


A day for water

Workshop on attempts at privatising water resources in search of more democratic ways of managing the commons, born from a suggestion on the original platform.

no. of slovenian petition signatures



The platform where it all began. A tool for online participation and digital democracy, community decision-making, debating and organising work processes. Currently resting in the drawer.

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Harlem shake

A localised version of the world's viral obsession with a hint of local political satire, innovative use of university facilities and plenty of pleasure. Today is a crazy day.

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Proceed with weed

A beginners' try at gathering signatures for a parliamentary hearing on marijuana legalisation. A convincing campaign with avantgarde moves in web communications (for 2012, at least).

visitors in 10 days