Danes je nov dan, Inštitut za druga vprašanja (Today Is a New Day, Institute for Other Studies) is a non-profit and independent private organisation that has been using digital technologies and developing innovative campaigns for participation in democratic processes and civic action since 2013. Our goal is to change society towards more justice, openness and inclusivity.

Danes je nov dan works and networks in the areas of responsible use of digital technologies and data justice, strengthening political participation and inclusion in decision-making processes, opening up public institutions and their data, and promoting solidarity and cooperation with civil society movements.

O inštitutu. Ilustracija, ki ponazarja kolektiv. Povezane ljudi z oblački v vodi, ki so v diskusiji, razmišljajo, lebdijo na vodi, surfajo na valu.

Danes je nov dan
Inštitut za druga vprašanja
Resljeva cesta 25
1000 Ljubljana


+368 64 163 663 (10.00–16.00)

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Danes je nov dan is deeply integrated into the local, regional and international environment of civil society. Many of our projects are the result of collaboration with various non-governmental organisations, civic initiatives or individuals. In pursuing the goals of greater openness and accessibility of public data, we work together with individual municipalities, parliament and other public institutions.

We are co-founders of Pravna mreža za varstvo demokracije (Legal Network for the Protection of Democracy), which safeguards a democratic, open, free and solidarity-based society through legal opinions, statements and calls to action. We are also an integral part of the Glas ljudstva (People's Voice) initiative, which aims to open up politics to the people. We are also co-founders of the Consul Democracy Foundation, which develops and manages Consul, the largest open source platform for digital democracy. We are part of the SEE Digital Rights Network, which protects digital rights and addresses the challenges posed by the rapid development of modern technologies in the Balkan region.



  • 2023 Award of the Slovenian Information Commissioner for the Ambassador for Transparency
  • 2022 Tulip Award of the Dutch Embassy for activities to develop digital solutions for political participation, transparency and accountability
  • 2022 European Citizen’s Prize of the European Parliament for Pravna mreža za varstvo demokracije
  • 2017 Brumen Award for Parlameter
  • 2017 Diggit Grand Prix for Parlameter – Innovation in the digital communications field
  • 2017 Golden Diggit Award for Parlameter
  • 2014 Golden Diggit Award for Et tu, B(o)rute?