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In Slovenia, the lack of regulation for short-term rentals has led to a housing catastrophe. In Ljubljana, for example, there are almost three times as many apartments for short-term rentals as for long-term rentals. Airbnb and similar online platforms are driving locals out of the city as owners seek to maximise their profits and prefer not to rent to those who need a place to call home. With the "Airbnb, go home!" campaign, we are calling for strict regulation in this area from political decision-makers.

27. May 2024


As usual at DJND, we have once again produced a guide for people who, for various reasons, are unable to participate in European elections and referendums like others. It is aimed at people who live abroad, people with disabilities, those who will be elsewhere in Slovenia on election day, etc. – in short, for everyone who cannot vote in the usual way. We create these election guides because we believe in the importance of political participation and actively promote it.

20. May 2024

Omnia vodič. Zemljevid Slovenije na desni z ikonami za volišče, na levi piše "Kje lahko glasujem, če bom na dan glasovanja na volitvah v Evropski parlament in referendumih na izletu?" Spodaj piše Zemljevid OMNIA volišč.

OMNIA polling stations, which allow voters to participate in elections even if they are outside their home constituency on election day, are organised throughout the country. To encourage voter turnout and facilitate access to polling stations, we created a simple interactive guide to OMNIA polling stations for the 2024 European Parliament elections and the referendums taking place at the same time. As voters need to register their intention to vote at an OMNIA polling station in advance, we also added instructions on how to do this to the map.

20. May 2024

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Zemljevid predčasnih volišč. Na desni je zemljevid z oznakami za volišča. Na levi piše: "Kam na predčasno glasovanje za volitve v Evropski parlament in referendume?"

The map of polling stations for early voting is one of the online tools we use to actively encourage voters to fulfil their civic duty. For the elections to the European Parliament and the referendums taking place at the same time in June 2024, we created, among other things, a simple interactive map of polling stations. The map shows all polling stations and users can click on the nearest polling station to find out more about it.

20. May 2024


This is a continuation of the 2021 project, which investigated fake profiles on Twitter. In the meantime, this social network was renamed X, changed ownership and restricted the use of its API, which complicated our further research and forced us to make adjustments. In the second part of the research, we analysed the timing of follower acquisition to determine whether individual political profiles gained new followers in an expected way (linear growth) or whether their follower numbers suddenly spiked during certain periods.

24. April 2024


At Danes je nov dan, we have been promoting the introduction of participatory budgeting and the local level for a long time, so we used the occasion of local elections to campaign for it. Before the elections, we contacted all the mayoral candidates, inquiring about their position regarding participatory budgeting. We organized all the acquired information on a website, where voters could check which candidates committed to introducing participatory budgeting in their municipality in case of victory.

15. November 2022


As friends of the referendum campaign FOR a professional and independent public television we created a website where we gathered relevant information, answered frequently asked questions, and encouraged people to vote. The campaign, which was organized by the organizations Association of Journalists of Slovenia (DNS), Peace Institute (Mirovni inštitut), Legal Information Center for Human Rights and Environment (PIC), and Institute for Cultural Diversity Open, was successful – over 41% of eligible voters participated in the referendum, and more than 62% of them voted in favor the law amendment.

10. November 2022

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We developed the interactive online game Stop Your Government with partners Inicijativa mladih za ljudska prava - Hrvatska, Crna kuća and Gong. The game aims to inspire young people to stand for what they believe is right and become active in civil society and non-governmental organizations. In the game, the player can choose one of three different scenarios (worker’s rights, reproductive rights, the environment) and try their hand at organizing protests, media campaigns and referendums. During the game, they are forced to make decisions, which in turn make the campaign succeed or fail, and are helped by random encounters and events along the way. Stop Your Government provides authentic insight into activist reality, victories and defeats included, and we hope that it encourages many young people to become active members of civil society.

8. November 2022


In the time leading up to parliamentary and presidential elections as well as before the “referendum trio” in 2022, we mostly focused on encouraging voter turnout and participation. Among other activities, we yet again took to adjusting the good old tool Cefizelj (named after a streetsmart albeit rather naughty literary character), an interactive guide for helping voters participate in elections. Those who are unable to vote on the announced date or cannot do so at their home polling station, still have the right to vote, and to be able to exercise it effectively, Cefizelj was there – and is always here – to help with all the answers to how, when and where.

7. November 2022


OMNIA polling stations are organized across the country in order to enable voters to take part in elections even if they find themselves outside the district of their residence on election day. We prepared a simple interactive map of OMNIA polling stations for both 2022 parliamentary and presidential elections. As voters need to announce their intention to vote at an OMNIA polling station beforehand, we also included instructions to do so and a countdown timer until the announcement deadline.

10. October 2022