Some of these videos have been created to showcase our tools and campaigns, in others we act as protagonists, some are satirical reworks of other media content, and if you look closely, you will also find some that reflect our values and demonstrate our joie de vivre.

Water day

Water Day was an event at ZRC SAZU that was inspired by the original Today is a new day platform Problemi (Problems). Nikolai Jeffs (FHŠ), who presented the social aspects of water privatization in the UK, spoke about the issue of privatization of water resources and the search for more democratic ways of managing the commons; Maja Simoneti (Institute for Spatial Policies) explained the pitfalls of privatization; Urša Šebenik (Institute for Sustainable Development) spoke about the actual situation in Slovenia, and Žiga Vodovnik (FDV) informed us about the privatization in Latin America.