Some of these videos have been created to showcase our tools and campaigns, in others we act as protagonists, some are satirical reworks of other media content, and if you look closely, you will also find some that reflect our values and demonstrate our joie de vivre.

Student organising day

Student Organising Day was an event at ZRC SAZU that was inspired by the original Today is a new day platform Problemi (Problems). Ales Črnič, Slavko Gaber, Klemen Miklavič and Jože Vogrinc contributed to reflections on the legal status of student organisations in Slovenia, their financing, functioning and politicization, as well as the divide between common and particular interests that they follow. The meeting was broadcast by Radio Student, and the full hall of students dispelled the myth about their disinterest and passivization. We at the institute were encouraged to relate a significant proportion of our future activities to student issues.