Some of these videos have been created to showcase our tools and campaigns, in others we act as protagonists, some are satirical reworks of other media content, and if you look closely, you will also find some that reflect our values and demonstrate our joie de vivre.

Best of: TV debate on gay marriage referendum

It is hard to understand how changing the definition of marriage in the direction of equality and inclusion did not succeed in a referendum after this debacle of a debate on national television. We present you with a montage of the cringiest moments of this public disgrace with which we have reached a quarter of the population, gathered thousands of likes, shares and comments, gave rise to memes and heated debates, even at times rash and offensive rhetoric aimed at the featured voices. With stars like this, it is easy to be a good director. But how is it possible that gays still cannot get married despite the fact that the whole country made fun of their opponents and their arguments?